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Our new behind the scenes video

Lottie has been working hard to pull together a little video to show our wax melt making. We hope to bring some more videos of our products shortly.

We have had a great time since we launched Addicted to Scents in May 2020. There have been lots of very long days, some postal challenges, (which unfortunately still keep rearing their head). We have been learning lots along the way and we still have a lot more to learn.

We have had some amazing customer feedback and some great Trustpilot reviews which make it all worthwhile. So thank you.

We are passionate about what we make, we have sustainability as our main core value. We do not use glitter, we try to avoid using plastic wherever possible, any surplus packaging is recycling. We do not want to see any of our packaging floating in the ocean. This core value means we have to think carefully when developing our products and our packaging solution. We want to minimise wastage where-ever possible and we want to make sure you can recycle what we send you.

Our range of products has been developing over the last 6 months and we have some great plans for the future. We are so grateful for our repeat customer base. We have had so many of you spreading the word about us and we are so, so grateful for everything you have all done for us.

If you have any ideas on what we could do better, what new ranges you would like us to make, any scents we should put into our range that you love? Feel free to drop us a message.

We would like to share our journey with you, however, we do not want to bombard you with e-mails and blog posts.

We are always posting pictures and updates on instagram and Facebook so feel free to follow us at:

Once again, many thanks to all of you for supporting us in our journey. It really does mean the world to us.

Sarah and Lottie (Addictedtoscents)

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1 Comment

I've been a customer since June/July, and I have loved being a part of Addictedtoscents journey. Nothing is ever to much trouble for Sarah and Lottie, their customer care is simply the best. The wax melts are just gorgeous, long lasting and beautifully fragrances. I love the fact they're in little boxes and not wrapped in plastic. I will continue to be a regular customer with addicted for as long as they're making wax melts, I cannot wait to see what products they have in store in the future. Also the name Addictedtoscents is perfect, as I definitely am. Thankyou Sarah and Lottie xx

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